Figure-Skater Uses Chrono Trigger Music, Sadly Does Not Win

Canadian figure skater Kevin Reynolds competed at the Four Continents Championships in Colorado early last month. He only finished eighth, but in our eyes, he was the real winner for his choice of music.

Forgoing the obvious choices of either classical or pop, Reynolds skated along to a medley of music from classic RPG Chrono Trigger and its spiritual successor, Chrono Cross. The orchestral versions are obviously a step above those heard in the actual games; they're taken from Symphonic Fantasies, an orchestral performance series performing Square Enix soundtracks.

Canadian video game nerd figure skater chooses Chrono trigger music to skate to [NeoGAF]

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hazelnut1112 (I don't want to convert my account)

What surprises me more is that how they are trained to not get so dizzy after spinning so many times like that. Same goes for Ballet dancers.