Fighting in This RWBY Fan Game Feels Just Like the Series

This week marks the start of the second season of RWBY, the fairytale and anime-inspired web series by the crew over at Rooster Teeth. But as a single new episode left me wanting more, I decided to try out the fan game RWBY: Grim Eclipse.


Based on the series' “Red” trailer, the hack 'n slash survival game features Ruby and her giant gun-scythe facing off against wave upon wave of the werewolf-like “grimm” coming to attack her.

At the start of the game, Ruby has only two basic attacks: swinging her scythe and shooting it as a gun. However, what makes Grim Eclipse excellently mirror its animated counterpart is the combining of the two mid-combo to create a longer and more damaging combo. As you progress, Ruby unlocks new support skills, new types of ammo for the gun that affect the grimm in different ways, and new special attacks that can be added into the attack chains to create even more damaging combos. From about wave five on, you'll feel like an unstoppable badass akin to Ruby in the series.

If the game has one problem, though, it’s that the first few waves feel slow and monotonous—especially compared to what comes later. Moreover, I wish there was a way to continue with the skills I had unlocked prior to a game over as those first few waves always feel like such a chore.

But really, those are minor complaints in what is a surprisingly well-made fan game. Actually, it is so well made that the game's creator, 19-year-old Jordan Scott, has been recently hired by Rooster Teeth to make the upcoming official RWBY video game.

Want to try it for yourself? Head over to Scott's YouTube page for the download links. Oh, but be sure to read the game guide as Grim Eclipse itself lacks any sort of tutorial.


RWBY: Grim Eclipse was released for PC on April 1, 2014.

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Nick Ha

Someone please explain the appeal behind RWBY. I very much want to like it, but I'm struggling to enjoy myself.

The stellar pre-release character vignettes made me froth at the series' potential for creating a deep cast of characters with hinted-at histories and a compelling aura of mystique, but the premiere and the opening season devolved most of it a typical high school drama with cliche genki anime archetypes and questionable non-action animation.

Is there more to the series than this? Or am I just destined to not enjoy it? =(