In today's episode of Speak Up on TAYtaku, because folks are spending more time there than in Speak Up, commenter MrGilder explains how the fear of new versions of new fighting games has him frozen in fear.

So I am absolutely terrified to buy Persona 4 Arena any time soon. Why? Because it's an Arc System Works fighting game. That pedigree means excellent quality is a promise, but it also means that inevitably, "Persona 4: Arena Social Link" will be announced approximately three hours after I buy it. Then I will trade in the original, for the upgrade, which will feature re-balances and cool new characters. Then, immediately after I do that, "Persona 4 Arena: Social Link EX" will be announced with 2 more characters and enhanced training and story modes.

I hate that my obsession with owning the best, most complete version of any game has made me a total neurotic, and prevents me from getting games I want when I really want to get them. Has anyone read any articles to the contrary? Has Arc said that there will only be one version of this game? This generation of gaming is as hard on my nerves as it is on my wallet.

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