Fighting Game Legend Will Give You $300 If You Can Knock Him Out of EVO

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The biggest fighting game of the year is around the corner, and things are already heating up as top players put “bounties” on other people’s heads. Or in this case, their own head.


Shoryuken reports that Justin Wong is offering a number of cash rewards to anyone that can eliminate certain players out of EVO. If you follow fighting games at all, then you probably know Wong as the guy being parried in “EVO moment #37,” or because of his prowess with Marvel vs. Capcom, or perhaps even for playing/streaming Mortal Kombat X recently. The guy is practically a legend.

So far, the prizes Wong is prepared to give out at EVO include $300 dollars for Ryan Ramirez, a former EVO champion, and $300 for Christoper Gonzales, a top Marvel Vs. Capcom player. Beating them is not enough: the players must be eliminated from the tournament entirely. All together, these players make up the top three spots in Shoryuken’s player rankings for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Is it possible that the only people that can knock out Wong, Ramirez, and Gonzalez are...Wong, Ramirez and Gonzalez?


Bounties like these aren’t rare—earlier this year, we reported a bounty on Smash Bros. 4’s top player, Gonzalo Barrios, for example. What makes Justin Wong’s bounties particularly notable here is that he’s also put one on himself for $300—meaning, in a worst-case scenario, not only is he knocked out of the tournament, he could also walk out of EVO $900 poorer. Wong must either feel really confident about his abilities, or he’s invested in trying to get other people to up their game at the tournament. Maybe both!

EVO takes place on July 17-19 in Las Vegas.

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I still remember his 2013 comeback in the losers quarterfinals. Sooooo amazing.