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FIGHT! The Street Fighter IV National Tournament

For those playing the arcade version of Street Fighter IV, listen up. Capcom has announced the Street Fighter IV National Tournament. Prelims for the finals will be held across the country from November 1st to December 7th (the actual locations will be announced later). Those who participate get participation prizes, while the winners will be singled out for their impressive play. The tournament is expected to be held at 120 arcades. The finals will be held in Shinagawa on January 18th with players from across the country. If you're seriously considering on entering, be warned: We imagine you'll be going up against Daigo. I hung out with him in a Shinjuku arcade while writing the Japanese arcade book. Dude is good. Damn good. 『ストリートファイターIV』公式全国大会開催決定 [Famitsu]


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