FIFA Video Game Finally Adds Women's Teams

FIFA 16, a video game in which players must navigate the ins and outs of a corrupt organization, will finally allow players to use women’s national teams.

That’s a first for the longrunning soccer series, whose producers have been teasing the inclusion of female players for a long time now. It’s wonderful to see EA Sports finally delivering, although I’m sure they’re not thrilled with the timing.

There’s a rad new trailer for the women’s teams, which you can watch above. The game comes out September 25 for multiple platforms, as usual. I played a bit last week (at a pre-E3 event in Los Angeles) and can confirm that it’s still soccer.


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Anyone who has a problem with this is a knuckle-dragging idiot. This isn’t open for debate, it’s just a fact. This takes away absolutely nothing from the men’s football in the game and opens up both the FIFA series and women’s football to a wider audience. Fantastic move from EA: think this tweet I saw sums it up best -