FIFA 21 Will Feature A Player Tragically Murdered In 2006

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At just 15 years of age, talented footballer Kiyan Prince—part of the academy at London club Queens Park Rangers—was murdered outside his school. This week, he is being symbolically re-signed as a player by QPR, and will also be appearing tomorrow (May 18) as a player in FIFA 21.


As Reuters reports, Framestore (a special effects studio) and scientists from the University of Bradford have worked to imagine what Kiyan would have looked like at age 30, and then teamed up with EA Sports to have his face imported into FIFA. He’ll appear for his boyhood club and wear the number “30" to reflect how old he would have been had he not been tragically stabbed in the heart by a fellow teen in 2006.

An organisation established by the boy’s father (former boxing champ Dr Mark Prince), the Kiyan Prince Foundation—which seeks to address youth violence in the UK—has also worked to see Prince’s FIFA likeness appear everywhere from billboards in Piccadilly Circus to ad campaigns for a sneaker store, not only to memorialise Kiyan, but also to help raise awareness for the Foundation’s goals.

“Most of these guys, this generation, they play FIFA, they will see Kiyan and if that can change just one of their mindsets then it will be a benefit,” says former star Les Ferdinand, who is now QPR’s Director of Football.


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Jesus this is dumb. I got fifa 21 and it is by far the most phoned in FIFA game I’ve ever seen. This is not gonna change that for me at all. I think I maybe played for like 3 weeks before deleting that shit off my PC. Not to mention we already had some tribute and TIFO last year in the game to KP. It was sad, but how come he’s the only one they do this for? How bout bringing back the guy that’s plane crashed, or any of the other deaths that I’m sure have occured. Just seems like a bullshit way to try to make themselves look like lesser garbage than EA are.