FIFA 11 Out In September, Going For Pro Evo's Jugular

With FIFA enjoying on-the-field superiority over competitor Pro Evo, EA Sports' series is going after the one area Konami still enjoy dominance: team and player editing.

For over a decade, FIFA's editing and creation tools have been severely limited by the game's reliance on licensed content, the most you can normally do being to tinker with a squad's line-up or edit somebody's haircut.

In FIFA 11, though, EA is taking user-created content a lot more seriously, with the introduction of a "Creation Centre". Now you can not only create a player (like you have for a while), but a team as well (including its entire squad) as well as stuff like crests, custom crowd chants and, best of all, team kits.


These custom teams can be played online, in friendlies and tournament modes (you obviously can't complete a season of the English Premier League with Jim's Pub XI All-Stars).

In addition to revealing this player mode, EA has also dated the game this morning, with a US release due on September 28 and a PAL date of October 1.


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