Fieldrunners, Cheaper Development Coming To PSP

While Rolando is widely seen as the pinnacle of iPhone gaming, it wasn't always that way. In the early days, the iPhone was all about tower defence games, and no tower defence game did it better than Fieldrunners.

With the new PSPgo taking pages out of Apple's books in terms of digital delivery and apps, then, it's little surprise that the PSP will also take a page out of Apple's gaming books and get a version of Fieldrunners.


It's been announced that Subatomic Studios, the developers of the iPhone title, are working on this newer version, which will be exclusive to the PSP. No further details than that are available at the moment, but that's about all you should need.

The news comes courtesy of a report on Develop, which also reveals that Sony's PSPgo will be taking big steps towards making the platform more accessible to developers, by shortening quality assurance testing and making dev kits less costly.

Exclusive: Sony's new development strategy for PSP [Develop]

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