In Japan, a twenty-one year-old female train station employee was allegedly attacked by a 34 year-old passenger who refused to pay the full train fare.

According to Yomiuri, the suspect, Hiroshi Ebina, allegedly struck the station clerk in the face after she told him to pay up. The employee then subdued the 34 year-old man with a judo shoulder throw. Police then arrested the man.

"I knocked her hat," Ebina said, but denied that he hit the station employee. There's no denying she's tough.

Below you can see a Sims-like reenactment, courtesy of TomoNews.

女性駅員 暴行男を背負い投げ [TomoNewsJP@YouTube]

21歳女性駅員、殴りかかった男を背負い投げ [Yomiuri]

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