Feel the Wrath of God of War's Brain Freeze

Starting in February Fahey you will be able to run into any 7-Eleven store to pick up a heaping, icy cup of Kratos Fury.

Just make sure you don't suck it down too quickly or you're sure to feel the icy sting of his twin blades in your brain.

Evan Brody, who has the most kick-ass job on the planet (marketing manager, Slurpee & Big Gulp Brands), says the frozen concoction is a mix of "ferocious blackberries and frosty limes" and that it will be available through March.


The drink will come in one of four exclusive God of War III Slurpee cups. The cups will include neato art work and reward codes that can be redeemed at Slurpee.com for God of War III and Slurpee-themed downloadable content. Wait? Does that mean that I may be able to unlock a new super move for Kratos? The Brain Freeze???

Oh Evan Brody, stop already. You had me at "marketing manager, Slurpee & Big Gulp Brands."


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