Feel The Gravity Of Shattered Horizon's Zero-G Gameplay

Futuremark delivers the first in-game footage of its zero-G multiplayer PC shooter, Shattered Horizon. We all float up there.

We've seen screenshots of shattered moonscapes and still shots of men in colorful space suits firing weapons at each other, but this is the first we've seen of actual zero-G fighting in Shattered Horizon. A terrible mining accident has destroyed the moon, and someone does something that gets two rival factions fighting. It doesn't really matter all that much, as long as one set of people is shooting at another set of people in the depths of outer space. Mission accomplished!

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laser beams

i was hoping for something more like an update to "Descent"- but after seeing this, i'm pretty sure this is better than a new Descent could ever be. i just hope it plays as good as it looks. maybe we'll even get a console port... :) #shatteredhorizon