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Father Of PlayStation Makes New Company

Illustration for article titled Father Of PlayStation Makes New Company

Another new company. Back in January 2007, PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi spearheaded Bandai Namco/Sony start-up Cellius. Today, it was announced he's heading up another company.


Established at the end of October in Tokyo, the name of the company is "Cyber Ai Entertainment" with "ai" being Japanese for "love" and a pun on the word "eye". The Japanese source article does not have the official English spelling; however, the official spelling is on the LinkedIn page of Sony exec and Cyber Ai board member Takashi Usuki.


The new venture aims to commercialize the development of next-generation internet services.

Kutaragi has a 90 percent stake in the enterprise, while Usuki has the remaining 10 percent. The start-up has 20 million yen (US$223,000) in capital.

企業ニュース−企業の事業戦略、合併や提携から決算や人事まで速報 [NIKKEI NET(日経ネット)]

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Based on the photo I thought he was going to have a company that hosted raves. I mean, look at that picture, Kutaragi is trippin' balls. #kenkutaragi