Fat Princess Strategies — Almost Good Enough To Eat

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While we're waiting on a patch to fix some of the known issues with Fat Princess, the developer is placating us with cake strategies for success.


Most of the "strategies" might seem simplistic and better suited to newcomers. But there's some good-to-know stuff here, like this tidbit about the mini-map revealing alternate routes around choke points:

Stay Out of the Grinder

Most maps have choke points where massive, bloody, chaos ensues. These meat grinders eat up your team's resources and never yield any progress towards your ultimate goals (unless you're playing deathmatch). Instead of throwing yourselves to the wolves, next time you respawn, check your mini-map first by pressing "Select." The mini-map will show you the road less traveled and help you to time your attacks. Knowledge is power. Yes, we're mixing metaphors and over using clichés. It's our strategy guide, we can do that here.

Titan Studios promises to add more soon, including strategies discovered by players rather than designed by the developer.

Titan Studios Dev Blog [via GameSetWatch]



Hopefully they will put out some Strats for the Gladiate Mode. Besides the Worker and maybe the Priest, every other classe's Arena is balls to the wall hard to defeat, Lol. Having much fun with the game though.