Fat Princess Coming To Japan Minus Blood

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Part of the charm of Fat Princess is how bloody drenched violence is contrasted with cute characters and cake. That charm, it seems, does not translate to the Japanese market.


The game, retitled Pocchari Princess ("Cubby Princess") for The Land of the Rising Sun, is getting a domestic Japanese release on the PSN and the PSP later this November. The trailer Sony is running on the title's official site is entirely blood-free. Pocchari Princess does carry a warning about violence — but, the actually blood letting appears to be censored as it often is for Japanese titles.

We are following up with Sony Computer Entertainment.

ぽっちゃり☆プリンセス [Official Site Thanks, Neer'mo!]



You know, I actually like the shift of values you see over there. I don't mind if blood is cut out, it doesn't really add anything in my opinion. Oooooh, fireworks... * bleh * I much prefer to see people to be more accepting of love and sex in games rather then pure violence and gore. (we all know the crap mass effect went through) We give too much focus on the bad parts of our human nature. I always find it weird how a evil act can be seen as evil and good (which is totally evil in nature), but an act that is a fundamental part of life. A very good part of living is something taboo to speak about. Yeah, I'm pretty passive.

If they release this in Japan without blood, then it's simply a reflection of their culture and the games that are created there. It's as simple as that, it's nice to discuss this in a place such as kotaku. But getting mad about this, or saying they're paying more for less "features" seems kind of pointless.