Far Cry 4 Without All The Shooting

There is a lot of stuff to shoot in Far Cry 4. A lot. Dudes, cars, merciless soul-eating badgers, rhinos, flying whirly copters—the list goes on. But sometimes it's nice to just sit back and admire the landscape too. Which is all to say, "them graphics, tho."

Harry101UK put together this video showing off the surprisingly serene beauty of Far Cry 4, the stuff you might miss when it's all, er, exploding.


It's a gentle peek into the heart of a world where—according to our own Yannick Le-Hostile Wilderness Master—everything wants to kill you. I like that. It's easy to miss just how detail-rich and teeming-with-life these places are when hot lead is flying. Sometimes I just want to tour these places as something everyone will leave alone—say, an elephant or a rhino something.

Oh gosh, what about a Far Cry 4 expansion where the main character is an elephant? Far Cry 4: Blood Elephant. You roam the wilderness and try to avoid getting ridden or turned into a bag by the main character of vanilla Far Cry 4. I'm not sure if I'm joking. I might actually want that.

Anyway. Have you sank your ravenous Gamer Fangs into Far Cry 4 yet? If so, what do you think?


Need more open-world games that don't revolve killing everything.
AKA I want Shenmue 3.