Today Ubisoft sent out the latest "story trailer" for Far Cry 3. That term, these days, has come to mean a trailer that will tell us about the story of the game—as opposed to a "Multiplayer trailer" and a "Gameplay trailer." I like that video games are so complicated that they require multiple trailer-genres just so we can all be sure to be hyped about the right parts.

This trailer is cool—it showcases the amazing facial capture and performances they've got in the game. But even so, it's still just…. the story still kind of looks stupid, you know? Based on the big chunk of time I spent playing it already, I've got high hopes that the game'll be a lot of fun. Those first few hours sure were, anyway. But I'm still not sold that this is a story worth telling.

The characters all seem written and performed really well, but I'm still just not all that moved by one party-dude's journey from zero to hero. I'm open to being swayed, though, so here's hoping the game has some tricks up its sleeve that we haven't seen yet. And hey, even if it's dumb—it wouldn't be the first time a fun game had a so-so story.