Far Cry 3 Is Go

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According to a comment by Ubisoft's Kevin Shortt, development on the third installment of the Far Cry series is underway, and so far things look "pretty exciting."


Shortt made mention of Far Cry 3 during a recent media junket on the Avatar video game. UK magazine OPM asked the writer whether or not he was working of Far Cry 3, to which he replied:

"No I'm not, but I know the team are and what I've seen looks pretty exciting."

And so we get confirmation of a game we were pretty sure was being made in the first place, which is still pretty nice. We don't have any details regarding the setting, plot, game engine, or platforms, but still, good to know.


Far Cry 3 looking "pretty exciting" [CVG]

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I am so going to take a pass on this one after seeing what those windbags did with 2.

Seriously do hope the devs have their ears open to all of the HUGE PROBLEMS with their previous title. Since for someone who was going around bragging realism and immersion it was all a crock of shit basically when actually put into motion.

Asides from the world itself which was highly impressive along with the "fire" system everything else was just broken.

Real letdown for myself too since was looking forward to the game and just could not finish it due to how half assed it all seemed for such a promising product.