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Far Cry 2's Widescreen Is All Cropped Up

Illustration for article titled Far Cry 2s Widescreen Is All Cropped Up

Seems Ubisoft's free-roaming gun safari has "done a BioShock" and fudged its widescreen, with gamers on the trusted widescreengamingforum quickly noticing that rather than render the game in true 16:9, all Far Cry 2 does is crop the top and bottom of the screen. See pic above for reference. Disappointing, Ubisoft; we buy widescreen monitors to see more of the game, not less. Hopefully they can copy 2K a second time, and get a patch out to fix this. Far Cry 2 [WSGF]


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Oh dear God, not this shit again. More complaining about absolutely nothing. I bet everyone with sandy vaginas is gonna get their way AGAIN instead of playing the game the way it was intended to be played.