Today in “anime was a mistake,” fans of the anime Keijo, in which women in swimsuits fight with their boobs and asses, are making the anime sport a reality.

Yesterday, anime site Goboiano reported that Portuguese fans of the Fall, 2016 anime are merrily registering participants for Keijo training sessions. Women are testing out its viability by shoving opponents off floating rafts—just like in the anime—“without using your arms, hands, legs, feet or head, leaving you with your hips and chest area to push the other players,” the group’s Facebook page reads. The most generous interpretation of it is “women’s sumo on a floating platform,” which surely requires great strength and balance to master.

All pictured participants have foregone bikinis for one-pieces with thick thigh coverings:


Reactions to the anime were mixed, but ever since its release, its diehard fans (including women) have wondered how to mimic its absurd premise. Turns out it’s totally viable.


These Portuguese Keijo fans are proof that, even though anime is trash, fandoms have the power to turn trash into treasure.