Illustration: Angelica Alzona

Meet the newest Pokémon, Yungoos. The internet thinks he looks kiiiind of familiar.

Earlier today, Nintendo debuted footage of a new normal-type weasel monster who will be available in Pokémon Sun and Moon. This is what he looks like normally:

See the yellow fur on the top of his head? That’s what Pokémon fans are fixated on, and what is drawing all sorts of comparisons to Donald Trump’s famous hair on Twitter.

There are countless number of tweets to this effect.

Some folks are going even further, and straight up drawing Yungoos as Trump, or with Trump:




We of course had to throw our hat into the ring, which is why the lovely Angelica Alzona drew up Yungoos on the campaign trail on the first image of this post. It’s almost too perfect, no?

I’d totally vote for that guy. That razor-sharp smile inspires both confidence and terror! Yungoos is like a real politician already.