Fans Spent Three Years Remaking Halo's Best Level

Halo's "The Silent Cartographer" level is widely considered to be legendary—that's just how good it is. But at least a few fans thought that they could improve on the level, and they've devoted the last few years to rebuilding The Silent Cartographer from the ground up.

Check out this trailer for a Halo: Combat Evolved mod that adds a variety of tweaks to The Silent Cartographer, including:

  • New layout
  • Custom content
  • New weapon sets
  • Secrets and alternate routes
  • Better visuals
  • A new take on difficulty
  • Legendary encounters

Did a map like The Silent Cartographer need to be improved? Maybe not. Either way, the fact that people devoted this much time and effort into the whole thing makes the project very impressive nonetheless. You can download this enhanced version of the map here, or view more pictures of the mod here:

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I cite The Silent Cartographer (HALO), The Storm (HALO 3), Tip Of The Spear (Reach), and The Pillar Of Autumn (Reach), as the best levels in the HALO franchise. I'm sure people will disagree, but those to me incorporate all the elements that made the game so attractive to us back in the day. Lots of vehicle play, lots of ground combat play, and good looking, open-feeling environment.

These are also the maps I use to cite why I believe HALO 4 was utter crap.