There are two very good Star Wars tabletop games out there right now. One set in space, one set on the ground. This custom scenario combines the two, and looks like the 2-1B’s knees.

Made by Beasts of War, it takes the core set of rules from X-Wing and applies it to the atmosphere of Endor. This means that in addition to worrying about your speed and trajectory, ships will now have to account for altitude (borrowing mechanics from Wings of War) and also make sure they don’t smash into trees.

Which all sounds cool, but really, what I’m drawn to here is how good the thing looks with all the trees and props they made for it. Sure beats rolling dice around a bare tabletop of simple starfield map.

The goal of the scenario is for the Rebel starships to fly in and destroy the moon’s power generator. In addition to TIE fighters, Imperial players also control an assortment of ground forces, from turrets to AT-AT walkers.


You can see more of the scenario at MAKE.