Fan Is Remaking The First Level Of Star Wars: Dark Forces In Unreal Engine 4 [Update]

Not that long ago we saw a fan create a playable demo of an Unreal Engine 4 version of a beloved Star Wars podracing game. Another classic game set in the galaxy far, far away has also been getting the remake treatment in Unreal Engine 4 and a developer from Obsidian is involved.


Star Wars: Dark Forces was a classic first-person shooter developed by Lucasarts and released back in 1995. Obsidian’s Senior Environment Artist Jason Lewis is leading the project. It looks great based on screenshots found on the creator’s Artstation profile.

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Recently, as discovered by YouTuber BlueDrake42, an earlier project by Lewis was found. This is a separate project from his Dark Forces level 1 remake. This other project is called Docking Bay 94 and it is incredibly detailed and visually impressive.

I honestly think it looks better than some recent Star Wars games from professional studios. The demo is set in Mos Eisley, the most famous town on all of Tatooine. I heard they have a great catina!

While the demo doesn’t have any action or enemies in it, it does show off the progress the developers have made. For fans of Star Wars, walking around the fully realized spaceport is still exciting, even without pesky Stormtroopers firing at you. It also shows how skilled and talented Lewis is at creating Star Wars worlds in UE4, which hopefully means his Dark Forces project will turn out looking as great.

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Screenshot: BlueDrake42 (YouTube)

Finding the Millenium Falcon and other secrets is fun enough and the demo feels like a solid base for a future shooter. However, to be clear neither project isn’t connected to Obsidian, EA or Disney.


If you want to play this demo, you can download it here and give it a shot. Just don’t shoot any droids, please.

Update 5:11 PM: This post originally said the Docking Bay 94 and Dark Forces project were the same. This was incorrect. The post and headline have been updated to fix this mistake.

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Man... what the community does when it puts its passion behind something is truly awesome. I hope they allow this work to find a natural and satisfying end. I kinda wish/hope we can get a few more protections going for the little folks who can and DO do work like this. There’s got to be a little wiggle room in these massive IPs that have been a part of our culture for... almost 40 years now? So that people can invest time and serve the niche’s beyond what corporate entities decide to do for the sake of profit and profit alone.