Fans Are Remaking Ocarina Of Time (In 2D)

We've seen people make static maps, sure, but this is something else entirely. This is an attempt to bring the entire game of Ocarina of Time from the 3D world of the N64 to the 2D world of the SNES (or, well, the PC).

It's nothing if not ambitious. There's a day/night cycle, a downgraded soundtrack and the game's signature time system. Even OoT's cutscenes have been redone in 2D.

The project is nowhere near finished, but you can actually download a demo and try out the parts that are right now.

[via Zelda Informer]

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Man... seeing the sprites made by MaJoRa brings back a lot of memories...

I used to be on Zelda FanGame Cental and really enjoyed my time there. It was when the most "serious" OoT 2D project was the one that The Real Methuselah was trying to do (with GameMaker I think, so it's a good thing to see that these guys are making their own engine) and as far as I remember we never got to see any real demo.

Still, the place had some cool stuff, Zelda and non-Zelda related. And I hope that many of them got to work on the videogaming industry as they were really enthusiastic about their work.

Can't remember if the other people credited were from there too, but MaJoRa is one I easily remember as he shared a lots of srpites and pixel art with the community