Slightly Mad Studios made the white-knuckled, if flawed Shift 2 for EA. They're now making something a lot more interesting: a racing game, Project CARS, where they're getting help from fans to not just pay for the game, but to code it.

Because the team are short on the millions normally provided by a publisher, they've taken the approach of letting Joe Public in to help out in several ways, whether that be helping pay for the game or even chip in on the programming. In return, those putting in will get out, as they'll get a share of the eventual profits.


Here's how the game looks as of this week. Impressive! More impressive is that, rather than wait for a date in the future when you can play it, you can play it now if you sign up to help out.

New Video Trailer Kicks Off Busy Months Ahead [Slightly Mad, via PC Gamer]

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