Fans Are Bringing Counter-Strike's Most Popular Maps To Halo

Halo and Counter-Strike both have guns, but otherwise they couldn't be more different. And while I really hope someone focuses on upping Halo's chicken count soon, for now a couple classic Counter-Strike haunts will have to do.


MyHouseRules is recreating fy_iceworld and perhaps one of the best known video game maps of all time, de_dust, in Halo 2: Anniversary on Xbox One. Why? Well, I mean, why not? Admittedly, these maps aren't exactly conducive to Halo play (think of the boosts you could find with the ability to jump ten feet in the air), but this is still pretty cool.

Here's the in-progress version of dust:


And here's iceworld:

Now, these maps might look a little... unfamiliar to you. A dimple or curve out of place, a conveniently level-shaped avalanche's worth of rocks where the everything should be. That, claims venerable buildmaster House, is intentional:

"If you walk around you'll see it. I initially made [dust] identical to CS, but have took away a lot of the walls and went with rocks, etc because it looks better I thought. But everything else is pretty close to scale. Only deviation was adding the stairs next to catwalk like they had in [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive]."

"The map layout itself is nearly identical. I just started replacing building blocks with natural formations to give it more character."


So there you go. If progress continues apace, the maps will likely be done soon. And then perhaps chickens and knives? I know it's impossible, but I can dream.

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