Fan Keeps Tracking Down Popular PUBG Streamer And Serenading Him

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For many popular streamers, stream snipers are just a fact of life. Streamers can take measures to minimize their impact, but a dedicated handful slip through the cracks and find ways to be annoying as hell. Or, every once in a while, downright endearing.


Stream snipers track streamers’ locations by watching their streams and then either kill them or mess with them by, say, bursting their eardrums with car horns. Battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are especially fertile soil for their antics, given that match sizes are large and maps are open. Shroud, a streamer known for his transcendentally skillful play with over three million followers, has a recurring cast of stream snipers.

While it’s not at all uncommon for stream snipers to blast irritating music over voice chat, one who goes by the handle Flawks has taken things in the opposite direction: he’s been serenading Shroud with gentle ukulele ballads that he plays and sings live.

Twice now, it’s unfolded the same way: Flawks approaches Shroud, greets him, and then begins singing. Yesterday, it was a delicate riff on “We Are The Champions” by Queen, and today he launched into a fairly impressive rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

And then Shroud wangs him in the head.

Now, you might notice that Flawks doesn’t use actual words while singing. He just says “Wadu” over and over. This is in reference to another Shroud stream sniper, Wadu, who rarely says anything other than his catchphrase, “Wadu Hek.” Sometimes he sings it, albeit not as skillfully as Flawks. Wadu has actually become a popular streamer in his own right, because the world is on fire and what else is there to do but watch a weird dude commit to a bit for several hours each day.

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I honestly would love it if the guy started following shroud around like a troubador, singing his praises and telling ballads of his exploits. Before being sniped in the head.