Last year Hasbro let Star Wars fans vote for which character they’d like to see join The Black Series of premium figures. Mandalorian explosives expert and graffiti artist Sabine Wren got second place. Second place is looking pretty good.

Not that the first place winner was bad. In fact the character that pulled in the most votes was one near and dear to many gamers’ hearts.

Darth Revan really likes popsicles, but can’t decide between cherry or grape.

Darth Revan from back in The Old Republic days is a great character, all things considered (shhh), but it’s really just old Star Wars with a new face in an ancient time.

One of the lead characters in the animated Star Wars: Rebels, Sabine Wren is new Star Wars with a new face in a slightly older time. In a universe of (until recently) flat characters fighting to survive or conquer, she’s a splash of color, literally and figuratively.

She’s in good company here.

Sabine’s a Mandalorian freedom fighter, but her Boba Fetish armor is covered with graffiti tags. Are those a thing in Star Wars? Well, they are now. And who says an explosion can’t be pretty?

She has a hat, you know.

After seeing The Black Series in Hasbro’s Toy Fair 2016 showroom, I felt I needed to thank the Star Wars fans who voted for its creation. So far Sabine’s representation in toys has been a bit spotty. Three and three quarter inch figures don’t really do her justice.

But hey, here’s to season two hair colors.

I’m really happy to see Sabine join The Black Series ranks, along side embarrassed arm C3PO and Melty Face Han Solo.

Did it overheat or something?
He still makes it work.

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