Although LEGO has an official Doctor Who set in the works with the TARDIS and minifigs, it won't include the huge interior of the otherwise tiny telephone box time machine. So Thorsten "Xenomurphy" Bonsch built one to make the set complete.

It is the 11th Doctor's (Matt Smith, who was the Doctor from early 2010 to the end of 2013) TARDIS control room to be exact, with hexagonal consoles, hot and cold taps, and gadgets resembling typewriters, telegraphs and gramophones.

Here's how it looked in the TV show:


And here are Xenomurphy's pics. Check out his Flickr gallery for higher resolutions:


Say Hi to this awesome mini-Dalek:

This isn't the only TARDIS Xenomurphy made, he also has a LEGO version of the previous one, used by the 9th and the 10th Doctors:


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