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Famous Kickstarter Turns Into Complete Disaster

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Were you one of the 9000 people who gave money to the Kickstarter for CLANG, a swordfighting game whose campaign was fronted by sci-fi novelist Neal Stephenson? Then I'm sorry.


Despite hitting its funding goal of $500,000 last year, development on the game is grinding to a halt, with Stephenson writing on the game's Kickstarter page that CLANG is now an "evenings and weekends" project because the money has run out, and many developers have sought contract work elsewhere.

But wait. That's not all. Turns out the money was never going to fund development of the game in the first place; the developers were simply using it as a starting point from which they could attract venture capitalist and/or publisher backing, which for whatever reason hasn't materialised.


While the team are sounding out options, a betting man would call this ambitious project - it was also looking at custom hardware - dead in the water.

Reminder: you are not a customer on Kickstarter. You are a tiny venture capitalist, taking tiny little risks every time you put your money down. Sometimes you win! Or, in cases like this, you lose.

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