Famous Japanese Actress Gets Her Wii Fit Plus On

Nanako Matsushima is not only a big time Japanese actress, appearing in films like The Ring. She also is a product pitchwoman. She does TV ads for things like green tea and Nintendo.


The last time we saw her in a Nintendo ad — no, the last time we remember seeing her in a Nintendo ad was for New Super Mario Bros. Hey, it's a memorable ad, full of innuendo.


Her latest ad for the new Wii Fit game is largely innuendo free, but there's stretching. In the golf clip, there's noise making. Yes, noise making!

Nanako Matsushima is our favorite Japanese corporate shill.

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Reverend Hunt

Reiko Asakawa using Wii Fit Plus made me want to get it. Seriously, Nintendo, your advertising has worked. Now, if you'd actually had Sadako Herself workin' the thing, I'd actually buy a Japanese Wii and import this shiz.