Family of 9/11 Victims Tear into Space Invaders Exhibit

Illustration for article titled Family of 9/11 Victims Tear into Space Invaders Exhibit

After reading about the Space Invaders World Trade Center mash-up on Kotaku, New York Daily reporter Bill Hutchinson contacted the loved ones of some killed in the attack to get their reaction. They found it "disgusting," he reports.

FDNY Firefighter Zachary Fletcher, 44, whose twin brother Andre of Rescue 5 was killed at the towers, said [artist Douglas] Stanley's excuse for the installation sounds like "bull." "It's very, very distasteful," said Fletcher, adding that he used to play Space Invaders as a kid. "Aliens are not going to attack the World Trade Center. What reason would they attack the World Trade Center? That makes no sense at all," Fletcher said. "I think he's just using that as an excuse to help promote his game being it comes out so close to the remembrance of the attack," Fletcher railed.


Rosemarie Giallombardo, whose son Paul Salvio was killing on 9/11, seems to blame Taito for the installation.

"That's the way they want to celebrate it? I think it's disgusting," said Giallombardo. "[Stanley] should come here and see what the towers look like, that hole, that empty space. He might have a different perspective."

We're still waiting to hear back from Taito on this.



"What reason would they attack the World Trade Center? "

what reason do aliens have for attacking ANYTHING? they're aliens, they dont give a shit. aliens dont research the things they attack to make sure there wasnt some sort of tragedy involved with them.

Has no one seen the pictures/posters making fun of the hindenburg? Things saying like "OH SHIT!"? But no one gets all up in arms about that. The point is, people need to learn how to move on. Are we going to get all upset every time the WTC is mentioned/used in some form of media?

Has anyone read Ex Machina? That whole series references the WTC event as part of the plot but you've never seen some huge media outcry.