Fallujah Game Still Alive, Being Shopped To Publishers

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Six Days in Fallujah, which aims to tell the story of the recent battle in Iraq, was too hot a political potato for one-time publishers Konami, who facing intense pressure dumped the game.


But that doesn't mean the project is dead.

Developers Atomic Games still see promise in the project, and are still shopping the game around to prospective publishers, boss Peter Tamte telling Newsweek ""We have a lot of people who are interested in the project...But I'll feel better when we sign something and the checks start coming."


The Newsweek piece is also worth reading to get the full rundown on Atomic's treatment of the more sensitive aspects of the game, including lessons learned and the finer details of the developer's collaboration with members of the US armed forces.

The Battle Over the Battle of Fallujah [Newsweek]

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I, for one, am excited for this. It disgusted me greatly to see how people instantly decided they hated this game simply because it focuses on a recent war in the eyes of our own soldiers. I know it's apparently 'cool' to hate our military now. But some of you don't need to be so blatantly "I hate the war I hate our soldiers!" now, do you? Clearly it's okay to make a game where you make like the bunnies with a prositute before going on a cop-killing rampage, but it's utterly UNokay to make one where you fight for your own country.

And for the record, Konami has no balls.