Fallout's New Board Game Looks Neat

Fantasy Flight will be releasing a brand new Fallout board game at the end of the year, taking in the sights of Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and both game’s DLC.

Simply called Fallout, it’s for up to four players, with teams of survivors banding together to explore the wastes, scrounge for junk and stay alive.


You’ll encounter factions along the way, and be able to exert influence over them, which will become more important as these factions slowly expand and gain power across the map.

Fallout is based on scenarios, and the base game (this is Fantasy Flight, so expect loads of expansions) includes four, each with their own objectives and narrative. Though, being Fallout, you’re free to deviate from these if you like and just wander around sticking your nose into vaults.


Fallout will be out Q4 2017. There’s more info on the game here.

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