Fallout's Flaming Sword, Recreated in Real Life

Debuting in Fallout 3, the Shishkebab is, at its most basic level, a sword made of junk that’s on fire. In honor of the blade’s return in Fallout 4, a fan decided to make a real one. It went terrifyingly well.


The owner of the (in this case, very appropriate) maniacal grin above is one Caleb Kraft from Make:. He made the real-life Shishkebab along with fellow builder Platinumfungi, using a katana as base, over a period of five days.


As Kraft explains, the sword has a handle which, when squeezed, forces fuel from the attached butane (ie. lighter fluid) canister into a copper pipe connecting it to the blade. A separate button operates the igniter, taken from a grill, which lights the butane when it’s pressed, causing the blade to burst into flames.

See it in action here:

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This was definitely my favorite weapon in FO3 and I was really happy to see it return in FO4, even if you don’t get a sweet motorcycle tank on your back anymore.