Fallout Rap Is, Somehow, Pretty Great

You'll never look at Fallout 3's Wazer Wifle the same way again.

I say that largely because you'll immediately get this song's insidiously catchy chorus stuck in your head, pinging off your cranial walls like so many wazer— er, laser blasts. It loops perfectly, infinitely, like a GIF turned into a song. At this rate, there is a very real chance I will have someone inscribe "HOT DAMN LASER BEAMS WAZER WIFLE" on my tombstone.


The video is a collaboration between Open Minded and Caedo Genesis, and it's... well, it is kinda hard to believe that we went from Fallout 3 releasing almost seven years ago to this.

I'm not complaining! This video is rad. It's one of the better video game fan music projects I've heard/seen in ages. But like, what an obscure piece of wasteland murder couture to dig up for an entire rap song. Also, rap and Fallout make for a strange combo given that the bombs dropped on the game's world before beats and rhymes came together in holy matrimony. Somehow, though, it all works—despite an on-paper description that awkwardly flails about like a freshly mini-nuked death claw.

People make some neat stuff, is what I'm saying. Can we get an entire Fallout album next?



Could've lived without all the wubwub but still pretty entertaining.