Fallout: New Vegas Mod Wants To Be A Star Wars Game

Set during the earliest days of the Galactic Empire

Screenshot: Star Wars Open Worlds

Here’s Star Wars: Open Worlds, a modding project currently being worked on that hopes to transform 2010's Fallout: New Vegas into a big Star Wars adventure spanning multiple planets.


Via Eurogamer, most of the work currently involves just two developers, with the plot is summed up as:

Abducted by slavers and recovering from the initial shock we are left with no choice but to join a small crew planning an escape from captivity, all the while the rising tide of the newly founded galactic empire sweeps across the galaxy!

The hope is that this will be “an engaging choice-driven story,” that takes in 12 planets from the Star Wars universe, from Naboo to Coruscant to Kashyyyk. There are also plans for four different paths players can take through the game, and a character creation system that allows for different species.

Those are hopes and plans though, and there’s a lot of work ahead of them, so who knows if this will ever see the light of day. For a look at what has been done so far, though, here’s a trailer showing some of the environments that have been created:



This had better not go the same way Fallout New Frontier went