Fallout 76 Player Builds A Corn Maze To Welcome In Fall

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Screenshot: Jcoffill

Nothing says fall to me like a good fair. Something about fried foods and prized hogs just makes me want to roll in a pile of falling leaves and, best of all, wander in a corn maze. We’re not quite up to fall fair season in real life, but if you have Fallout 76, one player has made sure that fall has officially arrived in Appalachia by creating this corn maze in the game.

“The maze really is a maze with dead ends and little things to see along the way,” Jcoffill, the player who built the maze, said on Reddit. “Last night a few ghouls had wandered in and surprised a few trick or treaters. Open to visitors on PS4 just about every evening. My vendor in the maze is stocked with seasonal fun things.” Jcoffill also said that they’ve had a few “backwards trick or treaters” visiting the maze in costume, who then left gifts in the maze instead of taking them.


It may still be too early for hayrides and hot apple cider, but it’s always fall in Fallout 76—at least if you can survive the ghouls in the corn maze.



This really reminds me, I wish the developers would implement seasons into the Fallout games. There was a really cool mod for Fallout 4 that did this, the only downside being you had to manually enable/disable each season.

I mean, I know it’s pointless to debate the “realism” of Fallout’s universe, but I believe the science modeling shows that the planet’s temperatures would have rebounded to some degree by the time any of the games take place, enough that seasons would return. I’ve always just found it odd that in FO3, 4 and 76, there’s zero change despite their respective locations within the northern hemisphere.