The new Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC just dropped today, and people have been quick to put it to good use. And by “good” I mean “kiiiind of evil.”


Contraptions gives players a variety of different tools that allow for the building of complex machines and gadgets. In the GIF above, for example, Father trapped characters like Preston Garvey and Mama Murphy in pillories, and then build a machine to endlessly launch teddy bears straight at their faces. It’s kind of hilarious (skip to the 2 minute mark if you want to get straight to the hijinks):

The more the machines run, the more the teddy bears pile up:

Illustration for article titled iFallout 4/i Players Are Torturing Preston Garvey With The iContraptions/i DLC

But my favorite part of this contraption is that once Father lets Preston go from this teddy bear hell, Preston immediately launches into chatter about saving a settlement. Of course.


For IAGO, a set-up like the one above is too simple. Instead, this player built a full-on Rube Goldberg machine, and it is excellent.

To get the ball rolling, first you must take guidance from Todd Howard himself:


The contraption then unfolds magnificently, as you can see below:

It’s not until the end that you realize that the elaborate construction is actually just a gadget used to shoot paintballs at Preston Garvey’s butt:


In this next video, Klone Wolf figures out how to shoot NPCs out of the junk mortar...and you can probably guess what happens next, right?


You can watch the other companions get thrown into spikes below:

Poor Preston. He just wants to help other people out; he doesn’t deserve this, you guys!


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