Fallout 4 Player Beats Impossible Battle In The Best Way

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For most players, getting killed immediately after entering a new area in Fallout 4 is enough to reconsider playing that level at all. FischiPiSti is not like most players.

There’s a quest in Fallout 4 called Out of the Fire, and it asks you to clear a level full of “Forged” enemies. These folks come decked with flamethrowers and molotovs—anything that can burn you to a crisp, they’re packing.


It was, by far, my worst experience in the game. The final room with the boss in particular was so awful, the guy would kill me almost immediately after entering the room. Better yet, the game auto-saved my entering that room, and my only save before that moment would require me to lose hours of progress. It was horrible.

I can’t recall how many times I died in that fucking room. Adding to the challenge was that Piper decided to immediately turn on me when I entered the room too, for reasons beyond my understanding—so even if I managed to beat the guy, I’d end up losing a beloved companion in the process. An impossible situation indeed.

Eventually I found that, if I moved quickly enough, I could just leave the room before most of the shit-show triggered. Then, I asked Piper to wait for me outside while I tried to mop up the Forged waiting for me in the other room. It took a long time, but eventually I did clear it.

All of this to say, I understand FischiPiSti’s struggle during this video. When Fischi finally figures it out, not only is their solution to the problem hilarious, it’s also damned cathartic. I would have screamed! God, I would have thrown myself into the fire too! AAaaaaAAAAAaaaaa

I mean, ahem. Yes. This was an excellent video that lasts exactly 4:20 minutes. A+, FischiPiSti.


Ahhhhhh, the value of compulsive saving!

Walks 10 steps... quicksave

Harvests Tato... quicksave

Checks VATS for enemies... quicksave

Approaches map marker... quicksave, full save

Sees door up ahead... quicksave

Goes to door... quicksave, fullsave

Opens door... game didn’t crash... quicksave, fullsave

All of this, especially the last two, come from all the hours played (and lost) from Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim (though much less so, that game was rock solid after mods and TES5Edit, and disabling autosave).

I’m trying to wean myself off saving so much though, it was borne out of technical glitches that haven’t existed for me in Fallout at all. Plus it gives a bit more weight to your actions when you can’t restore to 10 seconds before you got axed. Glad you were able to work it out!