If you’re proud of your little wooden shack with a turret or two and a landscape painting, you might not want to take a look at this.

SeraphinFoad’s Fusion Core Fortress is nothing short of a stronghold, a bulwark of steel and concrete to shield his junk and person from the terrors of the wastelands.

Like an actual castle, it’s ringed by giant walls, made of “heavy concrete blocks, topped with metal walls and parapets”.


Inside, there are three main structures. There’s a “bazaar” (above) full of merchants, so SeraphinFoad never has to leave home to stock up. There’s a large barracks to house settlers. And in the middle, there’s a giant power core, which is also home to a very nice collection of Power Armour (below).

Oh, and encircling the entire thing (and pointing down almost every access point) are a battery of turrets and missile emplacements.


The fortress was made on PC, but SeraphinFoad says the only cheats he used were removing the HUD for screenshots and getting himself unstuck from his water pumps while taking said screenshots.

To get past the limit on the size and scale of the fortress, he used a mod that lets you place unlimited settlement objects.


For those curious, he built it at Murkwater Construction Site.