Fallout 3 Is So Better Than Oblivion, Say Bethesda

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Having made both Oblivion and Fallout 3, when asked which of the two was the better game, you'd think Bethesda would remain a little impartial, no? Keep thigs civil, keep things amicable between the two franchises? Nope. Speaking in London last week, Bethesda's Peter Hines went on record saying Fallout 3 > Oblivion.

I have no doubts in my mind that, at its core and for everything that it provides that Fallout is a better game than Oblivion was. For sure...I don't have any doubts that on the whole, and I think this is a belief universally shared on the team that Fallout is a better game.


Better than one of the best games (well, one of my favourites) of all time? Oh Bethesda, you sure know how to set a man's heart aflutter.

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Darrisbob1 - ☆彡

@Gitaroo_Dude: Why was it mediocre? Because it had a great storyline? No, no... maybe it was the 100+ hours of side quests, each with an interesting background within itself? Hmm...

You've stumped me.

And God of War, as great as it was, was repetitive as hell. while Bioshock was awesome, but System Shock in the 20th century, unoriginal if you've player System Shock 2.

Maybe, you mean it was somehow inferior to Morrowind? No, that cant be it... as the combat system was vastly improved over Elder 3...

It simple. You cant accept any hype. So you start out hating just about every game, right? that way, if it sucks, you have no problem. No harm, no foul.

Or maybe you just hate RPG's in general? Hmm? Maybe just western RPG's like Mass Effect?

I guess my point is that we all are biased.

Me? I'm biased against bad games.

Actually, i don't really care what you think...