Last month, at a remote disused air-defense base outside of Leningrad, upwards of 300 Russian Fallout fans recreated post-apocalyptic California in a live-action role-playing game based on Fallout 2.

All of the information we have on the event is translated from Russian via Google, so it could be completely wrong. From we understand, a workshop group called Albion organized the event, securing the setting and providing technical, medical, and rescue support. Around 300 players participated, creating their own costumes and modifying fake weapons until they looked as if you just plucked them from a freshly-killed raider's hands. The game followed a basic plot, which the organizers would change on the fly according to how the players reacted.

Say what you will about live-action roleplaying, or LARPing, but this actually looks like a great deal of fun. Unfortunately it also looks like a lot of work, so you won't catch my lazy ass participating in something like this anytime soon. Hit up the link below for even more pictures.

Fallout 2009 «Ничто человеческое» [LiveJournal via Polygamia]

Nothing says post-apocalyptic like Leningrad.


Slavery is serious business.

Looks like box art, doesn't it?


Working headlights.

Just a pleasant stroll through the woods.


They completely nailed the atmosphere.

Free agent.


Probably just a guy they saw on the way to the game.



Please stand by.

Nice hair.


The Brotherhood.

Over the shoulder view.


Ew. Ew. Ew.