Fall Dash Update: Games Played

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Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog has just kicked off a new series of articles aimed at teaching Xbox 360 owners the ins and outs of The New Xbox Experience. For the first installment they take a look at the changes made to the Games Played section of Xbox Live. While the information remains largely the same, the way it is presented changes. It starts with a summary, then an all games played page, and then one page for every game you've ever stuck into your Xbox 360 or downloaded off of Xbox Live Arcade. I'm just dreading seeing the "Out of" portion of my gamerscore very time I log in. Sure, 11K is respectable, but when it's 11K out of nearly 200K, not so much. Couldn't we just tuck that number away behind something? I don't want to have to use masking tape on my LCD TV but they might just be forcing my hand. The New Xbox Experience - What You Want to Know [Gamerscore Blog]

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Darth Tigris

This has probably been mentioned, but I sure would like it if they would only display XBLA games that ARE NOT trial plays. My achievement list is so busy because of the ridiculous number of trials that I've played.

I also wish they would have a tiered Friends list. You know, where your VIP Friends are one level with different preferences and then have an Associates list where the other 60 people on your list that you hardly EVER play with or maybe never really did are kept. I'm sure that wouldn't take much to do, but I guess it has to be requested by more people...