Fake Seven of Nine Interview Teases Borg In Star Trek Online

In an attempt at realism (or as a way to bring up skintight-bodysuit-wearing Jeri Ryan) Star Trek Online has posted an "interview" with Seven of Nine that hints at a Borg threat in the game.

The fictitious encounter between the interviewer and Seven of Nine covers plot points about the ex-Borgette leaving Starfleet to work at something called the Daystrom Institute. It also shuts the door to any Chakotay/Seven of Nine romantic subplot.


But the "point" of this little marketing exercise seems to be announcing the Borg in Star Trek Online:

Interviewer: When do you think we'll see the Borg again?

Seven of Nine: I cannot predict when, only that it will happen.

Jeez, I guess turning human made her into Donald Rumsfeld.

Path to 2409: 2385 Supplemental Log [Star Trek Online via IncGamers]

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