Fake Magic: The Gathering Card Names Are Fantastic

Original art: Jason Chan
Original art: Jason Chan

Jason Rohrer (Passage, Sleep Is Death) thought it’d be fun to train an AI to create fake Magic: The Gathering card names. It was a good hunch.

To do it, he created a database of 18,978 card names, which the AI would then use to jumble all the words up and come up with new stuff. Amazingly, aside from simply offering up combinations of existing words, it also learned to create new words like “Soulstorm”, which despite sounding like the most Magic name ever isn’t actually on any card.

Some of the other highlights include:

  • Sangrome Archers
  • Kazanda Astator
  • Resounding Chief
  • Grim Canopy
  • Reckless Speaker
  • Harbinger of Blood
  • Grave Glory
  • Blood Market
  • Siren of the Gate
  • Goblin Sanctuary
  • Spirit of the Well

Grave Glory! Blood Market! Grim Canopy! If they weren’t fake Magic cards they’d be excellent doom band names.


You can see the full list of names here.

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If you think that’s cool, RoboRosewater would blow your socks clean off.


It’s an AI to generate full Magic cards. There’s actually cards made at three different levels of training, indicated by how modern the computer in the image looks. Some of the cards made by the fully-trained version could pass for a real card.

The Twitter hasn’t updated in forever, I think they just got bored with it. After nearly a thousand cards, I can understand. But it’s still fun to dig through.

PS: I really doubt Mr. Rohrer created the name database himself. He does not claim that in his post, and there are numerous well-maintained databases of Magic data available, like MTGJSON or Scryfall’s bulk data API.