To see these two boys playing video games is to see true brotherly love, the kind of unparalleled passion that can only be found in suburban living rooms, resting on postmodern sofa cushions with spotless decorum.

Witness their smiles, eternally frozen in toothy bliss. See their eyes, focused on the television with laserlike dedication. Watch their arms, locked in prime position for an intense night of gaming.


But what are they playing? Perhaps it's a survival game, a horrifying experience like Silent Hill or Alan Wake, the type of interactive entertainment that drives even the bravest young warriors to find embrace in each other's arms. Maybe they're staving off alien waves in Mass Effect 3, holding one another like Shepard holds Kaidan during interstellar war. Could be Left 4 Dead, a game that requires unmatched brotherly resolve.

Or maybe they're not playing a thing. Maybe they don't need to. Maybe all they need is each other.

Or maybe they don't need to hug. Maybe they can play video games without that level of comfort.


Maybe somebody should get that guy away from those kids.

Photo credit: (C) Lisa Young / Stockfresh.

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