Right now, it's not a huge thing by any stretch... yet. But, for better or worse, this does exist!

Earlier this month, Japanese Twitter user Miomio3030 uploaded images of a Pomeranian with unused faux lashes. The image, which you can see below, was retweeted over ten thousand times.

The lashes were placed above the critter's eyes—instead of, you know, actually applying them to the pup. Online, many found the result rather humorous, saying the lashes made the adorable dog even cuter.


Over the years, there were other examples of this in Japan. This is very much a niche thing, so don't think all pet owners in Japan are doing this! Hopefully, these pet owners made sure their four legged friends didn't accidentally eat the lashes or poke themselves in the eye with them. Still, have a look:

Actually, forget pets. Babies aren't safe, either:

未使用のつけ睫毛を発見したので [30miomio3030]

Photos: あじゅまの日記, Darapic, Takei Setsuko, Wanny Art, 看板犬豆柴まるこ日記, ガールズチャンネル, さくら日記, コーギーマロの毎日, nikkeiの部屋


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