If not everything, damn near it. Late last week, Twitter users in Japan began uploading photos of their cats with cartoon eyes. Bless them for that!

In Japanese, the meme is called "cat montage" (猫モンタージュ or neko montaaju). It began when Twitter user Shiratamaaaa uploaded photos of cats with cartoon eyes, writing, "I recommend neko montage to those who have cats." The pics were retweeted nearly four thousand times.

[Photo: shiratamaaaa]

As reported on Livedoor News, other Twitter users followed suit.


[Photo: m2k_36_uryyy]

[Photo: HaruMebota]


[Photo: kagishippo]

[Photo: Luv1121Ryochan]


[Photo: tooboe]

[Photo: eviekko]


[Photo: majan_saitou]

[Photo: chachan3011]


[Photo: yamaji_mayumi]

[Photo: ammykrht]

The meme has even spread beyond cats...


[Photo: higemarunyanko]

[Photo: Halle_Uchida]

簡単&かわいい! 紙に目のパーツを合わせるだけの「猫モンタージュ」をやってみよう♪ [Livedoor News]

Top photo: m2k_36_uryyy

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